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DAVID WILLIAM has contacted me in skype, I dont know about HIM he not in my contact, I add HIM, we become friends but his camera is off. As days goes by, he ask for my YAHOO acct.chat in the IM, then HE sent me this letter.1ST LETTERHi!

The management of Eco Bank Ghana limited hereby writes to inform you that, we have received a corresponding letter/email from your husband to transfer to you his fund that he is having in our bank. Best regard Dr Robert William Manager Eco Bank Ghana limited Mobile/Tel 233247639021/ 233302971172I complied with the requirements of the bank as I thought it was real... This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail that you sent to our bank with your INFO are well receive by the management of Eco bank Ghana Limited This fund is to be transferred to your nominated bank account without any further delay as instructed by William Philip.

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He covered that by saying he was partly from US and Germany, but states that he lives in the US. I still have him, don't know whether to report to wwf as abuse or is there anything else that can be done to catch this piece of filth So, this David Williams MD contacted me on face book and came out of nowhere.

I thought it all highly hilarious until I googled him and realised that people had been conned. He messaged me one day and asked about my daughter, and told me he has a 14 year old and he wanted to get to know me better.

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My love as i told you before that i am planing to do investment in your country, before my contract from duty as a doctor My love as you know you are the only one in my life that i can count on trust believed in this matter,so i want you to stand for me as my next of KIN and my legal wife to help me receive my FUNDS in your bank account over there in your country for me, until i arrive there over there in your country.

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