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Our goal is to shine the light on best practices and successes among Canadian employers who have welcomed people with disabilities into their ranks. Read on, and you’ll hear about the real-life experiences of employers and their employees.

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Gay roulette is a feature that you'll love if you're gay, bi-curious or simply looking for a gay experience online.

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(Beyond the couple's movies and soap operas, they also sing duets to accompany their on-screen projects.) As cliché as it sounds, Ja Dine has proven that there’s really nothing they can’t do in the name of love. Ja Dine especially are criticized for being overly public with their relationship — even to the point where fans argue that everything they do is solely to promote their careers.

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They're pretty awesome, I'm lucky."Union grew up with self-esteem issues relating to her appearance, as she believed growing up that blonde women were "the ideal of beauty" and "if I looked nothing like that, then I must be ugly." She longed to be acknowledged for her physical appearance.

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Later in the first season, Miley herself revealed her secret to their close friend Oliver Oken with the intention of ending his romantic interest in Hannah Montana.