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This interaction, and to a larger extent the impact of being a stripper on her life in general, was suddenly something I was immensely curious about.I had countless ideas in my head about what strippers and strip clubs are like from my parents, movies, T.He really made that clear to me, that this is my work space and the people are there for me – he made it a really strong point and that really helped me, like in the beginning especially hearing that from a man in the industry telling me that this is all you. I was really pleased that it was a really professional business environment. That’s a lie, that whole thing – not everyone is nice anywhere.Was that an important prerequisite for you – that you felt at least that level of assurance? I was just ready to expect whatever, I wanted to go in with an open mind and what I received was really professional so I was like, okay. That’s not just because everyone is nice in Minnesota? Do you think anyone can do this – because I know you, you’re a very outgoing person, someone who likes to do things, so do you think a person must be uniquely suited to strip? You come to realize as you really begin to take your job seriously as a stripper, a dancer and you start to tell people – you know, some people here in Minnesota, especially more conservative people when I tell them what I do for work its kind of like “Ohh…okay..” because they have no idea what a stripper does.So I went, and I was like “Oh my gosh, okay let’s do it” and I was wearing this really cute fur shawl or whatever, and I was like “Okay I’m gonna try and go in here and work it, do my thing! Like giving myself confidence, trying to keep myself up.

Here’s what we talked about, it’s a bit long but well worth the read (my original questions are bolded, my annoying interjections throughout are italicized for your convenience): How does living in Minnesota compare to Southern California?We went to Chaminade together up until Junior year, so walk me through what’s happened since then up until now? Well, my other school was awesome, it was the shit.Going from a very Catholic, clean-cut, everyone-wears-uniforms, mass-once-a-month type school, you know what I mean – mhmm – my new school was like half in a Korean Church and the other half was an office building and everyone was just so encouraging for you to be an individual.I don’t know, it’s been really eye-opening – like you have to buy your own laundry detergent.That was a thing when I started living by myself I was like “whoa, it’s not just there next to the washing machine.” You have to notice little things and be responsible for those details that you weren’t responsible for before.

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