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Nonetheless, I just want to live my life practicing the teachings – feeble, though, the attempts may be – while accepting who I am.

Being gay and a practicing Muslim means I have to constantly justify my conflicting actions.

As a Muslim, I believe in the concept of heaven and hell.

You do good deeds in this world and you rack up points for heaven.

She reminded me of my Mother who used to scold me for skipping karate class (in my defense, I was the only boy left in yellow belt).

She then expounded on a mock theory about the different levels of sins and hell according to Islam – with homosexuality being up there, a little lower than murder – as if life was a game on tablet, the players vying for the highest score to take them to heaven or hell before the “Game-Over” sign flashes on. Still, it can be wearying to have to constantly defend my religious practice, even among the close friends who have accepted my sexuality.

A former trained soldier swapped his Territorial Army beret for a veil and became Britain's first transgender Muslim woman. But finally the UK has its transgender gay Muslim soldier.

I once dated a guy who prayed five times a day and made hateful comments about gays in public (he was a radio personality, and has since moved on to TV. I’m referring to those who choose to live completely closeted lives and settle down in a non-mutually consensual heterosexual marriage (to women who have no ideas their husbands are gay).

This applies to all closeted married homosexual men in Indonesia, irrespective of their religions and beliefs.

Laurens Vallender now calls himself Lucy and says he is finally 'true to herself' after a sex change three years ago. If it were the US, the Democrats would already be encouraging him to run for President. Vallender told his GP he was 'in the wrong body' and three years ago had his sex change.

He is now married to a Muslim man he met on an online dating site, but he did not know he was once a man when they wed. He then went back to work as a Ministry of Defence kitchen porter.

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