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You could probably get away with that in, say, Sacramento … Not under Coach Vogel, who has a lot of guard options off the bench.

Last season, it’s possible that Ellis’ infirmities on defense could have been overblown.

In this regard, it’s simple: The lower the differential, the better it is for that player’s “defensive impact.” Essentially, it means that Ellis held his opponents to a lower efficiency than they’re used to. “Just because his differential is negative, it doesn’t mean anything due to it only being by 1.2 points.”That’s completely true.

It doesn’t validate that Ellis is a “great” defensive player, or even a competent one.

He averaged 5.1 attempts in the restricted area before injuring his hip, making 59.8 percent of them.

In the past nine games, Ellis has averaged only four attempts in the restricted area and made only 50 percent of them.

Or he doesn’t worry about the negative remarks that keep getting echoed? For the sake of the Pacers, a franchise that just signed Ellis for the next four years ( million annually), they better hope it’s the latter.

Having the type of attitude that doesn’t cherish defensive opportunities isn’t the right way to start your first chapter in Indiana. Not alongside Paul George, an insanely gifted two-player comparable to Kawhi Leonard and Le Bron James.

"I thought in the first quarter we ran, and then it's like we took a breath and stopped doing what was working for us. -- Monta Ellis wasn't quite in a talkative mood after the most miserable offensive performance of the Dallas Mavericks' season, but he wanted to make one thing clear."My hip is not a factor," Ellis told while walking briskly to the team bus after the Mavs' 94-75 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday, Dallas' lowest-scoring game during his two-season tenure with the team.If Ellis is indeed healthy, how to explain his dramatic drop-off in production and efficiency since he strained his left hip in a Feb. In the past nine games, the Mavs' scoring leader has averaged only 14.7 points on 37.2 percent shooting.Sure, he’s not going to make any All-Defensive teams or inject fear into superstars’ eyes, but it’s not comparable to James Harden‘s laughing stock during the 2013-14 season.That still takes the cake for the biggest outcry in history over someone’s defense.

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Against all offensive players he faced last season, Ellis allowed scorers to shoot just 42% from the field.

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