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Jan Hooks would appear again on the sketch in December 1987, this time playing Jessica Hahn, of whom the Church Lady said in a sarcastic tone "Oh, sit right down, Jessie.

Here we are not like those other talk shows that fawn all over you. " Jessica Hahn claims that she is tired of degradation, to which the Church Lady produces the Playboy for which she posed (only the cover is shown).

Minister Bob then acts more down to earth than the Church Lady, saying it is the responsibility of a pastor to deal with people with problems.

When he seems to be leading the woman into why problem drinking is a bad idea, he ends with saying "...because of SATAN!

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During the show the televangelists begged for donations, and a mascara-dripping Tammy Faye recounted her experience with "demonic raisins." Another notable moment in October 1987 featured actor Sean Penn, playing himself as a guest on the show.and The Church Lady reappeared even after Carvey's departure from the show as a regular cast member.She was never incorporated into a feature-length film, however, as many of SNL's other recurring characters were.Dana Carvey recalls that he was prompted by executive producer Lorne Michaels to introduce the character (when it was still in SNL rehearsals) at a Neil Young concert at Madison Square Garden, which Church Lady interrupted, fussing and fuming: "What are we doing here? " During the first season Dana Carvey appeared as a cast regular on Saturday Night Live, Joe Montana and Walter Payton co-hosted the show and both appeared in a Church Lady skit for a game of football with Church Lady.Montana throws a touchdown pass to Church Lady after she distracted Payton (who was playing defense against her) and hid in the audience.

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Enid Strict, better known as The Church Lady, was a recurring character in a series of sketches on the American television show Saturday Night Live from 1986 to 1990, with later appearances in 1996, 2000, 2011, and 2016.

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