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Despite the tough exterior, the sabra fruit is truly soft and juicy on the inside, a true delicacy!It is one of the greatest achievements of nature, to be so brash on the outside, while being so soft on the inside. The native Israeli is loud, rude, pushy, and just generally everything that Americans consider a negative personality trait. They allow cell phones to ring during inappropriate times, and then answer them and have a full conservation, without ever budging from their seat!Getting on and off the bus is like too many salmon fighting their way up a narrow stream in Alaska; shoulders push, elbows block.The most normal conversations appear to be shouting matches, with wild gesticulation, and an unknowing observer would be sure punches will follow! With only a smile, a genuine greeting, and a friendly question, this rude house for dinner, or given a special deal at the store, or any other number of possible positive outcomes.He went into a different room, and I stood wondering how I could extend a helping hand. Long story made short, I was nearly chastised on thinking that just because I moved here I had to act so rudely.Essentially, whatever happened to "leading by example?

Moreover, you can identify the origins of all groups of modern Israelis and see why they have grown to be strong on the outside: Russians from the anti-religious, anti-minority communist Soviet Republic; Ethiopians chased from their homeland; Jews chased from Middle Eastern countries with the advent of Israel, even after enduring hundreds of years of minority oppression; European Jews fleeing the Holocaust.JERUSALEM — At some point, after hours of speech therapy, countless consultations with child specialists and thousands of dollars spent without much progress to help my dyslexic daughter, Gefen, learn to read, I was at a loss for how to move forward.JERUSALEM — Liat Negrin, an Israeli who has been visually impaired since childhood, walked into a grocery store here recently, picked up a can of vegetables and easily read its label using a simple and unobtrusive camera attached to her glasses.and cable guy came to the apartment today in order to set it all up.I guess this would be a nice segue to talk about the general Israeli 'personality,' or the Israeli character, disposition, attitude, or whatever word describes how these natives conduct themselves.

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Imagine not being able to make out a street sign, read the text from a book or even recognize the face of a loved one. Or Cam's system can read newspapers, street signs and recognize common items and familiar faces, dictating text into the user's ear with just the point of a finger.

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