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Frieze recreated by Audronė Kaušinienė and Povilas Kuodis (National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania)A reconstruction of a 16th-century tile stove, based on information gained from archaeological excavations, devised by Gintautas Rackevičius of the Castle Research Center "Lietuvos pilys", and made by the company Dvarčionių Keramika (National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania)Archaeological dig (excavation) in the east wing of the Palace of the Grand Dukes, Vilnius Lower Castle, 2004–2005.Ceramic tile floor in original setting (Castle Research Center "Lietuvos pilys", National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania) The territory of Vilnius Lower Castle, which includes the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, is not a random site, but one with a continuous chronology going back to the first historical mention of Lithuania’s name (1009) and extending throughout the period of Lithuanian statehood.Over time, the Lower Castle became the main residence of the grand dukes of Lithuania and the kings of Poland.

The floor and a fireplace, recreated incorporating original find material.

Research was conducted by the Lithuanian History Institute’s Castle Research Group – Vytautas Urbanavičius, Napaleonas Kitkauskas, Adolfas Tautavičius, Albinas Kuncevičius.

In 1993, they were re-organized as a non-profit institution serving the public interest – the Castle Research Center Lietuvos pilys.

Ivanka Deleva (Bulgaria) Women Heavyweight ( 60kg) 1.

Diana Balsyte (Lithuania) For further details, please refer to the results below.

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Due to these proposals, preliminary excavations in the territory of the palace were made in 1987 by the Design and Restoration Institute (Projektavimo ir restauravimo institutas).

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