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Theres one by Michelangelo, if those people who painted them knew two fragments in the Middle Ages or had access to the inscription for example, you just dont know that.

So we cant rely on mediaeval paintings in our quest for the true cross.

Rachael Kohn: Is there any other extant inscription which makes you think that this one that youve got is authentic, and from that time? First of all we have wood, and wood with texts from that period.

There is evidence on wood just south of Hadrians Wall in northern England, just south of the Scottish border, which also has survived beautifully in the right conditions for almost 2,000 years.

And so the only one that was found interestingly, by Helenas archaeologist, was the headboard, the Titulus of the cross of Jesus, with the inscription still intact. And so they took all those crosses to a sick person in her bed and when she touched the real one, she was healed, and so according to this tradition, they knew that this was the cross of Jesus.

I must emphasis this is just a legend attached, if you like to the authentic historical record of the rediscovery.

All four gospels mention the inscription, the longest version is the one in John, who also says that he was an eye-witness of the crucifixion, thats what it actually says in his gospel. Carsten Thiede: Well it says if you translate it in English, it says Jesus the Nazarinus King of the Jews.

So the prefect, Pontius Pilate sealed and signed the death warrant in Latin. Its a tiny detail in the Greek; you wont notice this in any English translation but its there in the Greek, which means of course that anyone who knew the gospels, particularly the one of John, would have copied one of the existing gospel versions which is, as I said, not the case on the PC file in Rome, therefore it cant be a forgery.

A forger copies and existing model so as not to cause suspicion, if you like.

So the text on the headboard, which we rediscovered, is not word identical, it does not match any of the four gospel versions. We only have the Greek version of course in the gospels, although John says that it was in three languages.

Actually Luke in the better manuscript says the same thing, that the languages were Hebrew and Greek, and followed by Latin as the legal language of the Roman Empire. But in the gospels it actually says 'Jesus the Nazarenus', not the 'Nazarinus'.

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Summary Carsten Pieter Thiede is well known for his "discovery" of the earliest known fragment of the Gospel of Matthew in the Bodleian Library.

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