Cyber dating safety tips

Phishing is when a scammer uses fake email, text messages, or copycat websites to try to steal your identity or personal information, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, debit card PINs, and account passwords.The scammer may state that your account has been compromised or that one of your accounts was charged incorrectly.If you have received one of these requests, report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).You will need to contact your credit card company directly to notify them if you are disputing unauthorized charges on your card from scammers, or if you suspect your credit card number has been compromised.

The internet makes many everyday tasks faster and more convenient, like shopping and banking, but it's important to be safe and responsible online.Cybersafety is the safe and responsible use of information and communication technology.It is about keeping information safe and secure, but also about being responsible with that information, being respectful of other people online, and using good 'netiquette.The policy must be available through a link on the website's homepage and at each area where personal information is collected from kids.Websites for general audiences that have a children's section must post the notice on the homepages of the section for kids.

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